• Wolfkatz3

    I won't be editing from now until about August 27th, as I'll be in Illinois to see relatives. Even if I want to edit, internet is extremely slow. I am sorry for this break, and for not telling you about it, but it's better than leaving you waiting 3 1/2 weeks just to know why I haven't been editing. 

    See you later, 


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  • Wolfkatz3

    I'm back!!!!

    June 3, 2017 by Wolfkatz3

    Hi, I'm WolfKatz32 but please, call me Nicole. That is not my real name, but, whew! I have a lot to go over, and very little time. 


    Oh my gosh. I have been here for a long time, and I remember when there were only 20 pages here! I am so, so, so glad that this little wiki has grown so much, but thanks to you guys, not me. I'm glad to be back here with you all and one day, we will have proper introductions. 


    How are you guys doing? I may seem a little overbearing, but trust me, this is just excitement, and I'll be back to my blunt self soon. Last I was here, this wiki had 80 pages. That may not seem like much, but wow! 


    Let me talk for a moment. I, as stated earlier, am not named Nicole. But, I prefer not leaking a bunch of infor…

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  • FrosToCheerios


    March 12, 2017 by FrosToCheerios

    Hi guys! I'm the founder of this wiki and I recently rolled around the new badges feature. This means anyone who has contributed to the wiki in some fashion are eligible. There are many, many badges for you to earn and I hope this will motivate you and your friends!

    Thanks! If you want to check out the available badges so far, you can find some of them on your user page.

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  • Wolf Katz

    I'm Wolf Katz! I'm not the founder of this wiki or someone directly related to the show but I do like it and I want to help share it. I just want to tell you everyone is welcome. To start exploring here is a video. Here is a link to a page. Kelly ( click it).

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