Buddy Quinn is Kelly's little brother and Terri and Scott's son. He is a recurring character in Just Add Magic who appears in quite a few episodes. He is portrayed by Aiden Lovekamp.

Appearance Edit

Buddy has brown hair with honey colored highlights. He has a few freckles dotted around his nose and he has round, brown eyes. Usually Buddy is seen wearing simple shirts and cargo shorts.

Personality Edit

Buddy is very childish and playful. He teases his older sister sometimes and gets her in trouble multiple times. But sometimes, he just wants attention. He loves to play games and is a huge fan of Kelly's cooking. Buddy also loves dessert, especially cake. He is generally a very optimistic kid, but gets upset when he's not being paid attention to.

History Edit

Buddy tends to be a very troublesome kid, and has gotten Kelly in trouble multiple times. Kelly has to try extra hard to keep Buddy from discovering magic, so she keeps a stuffed clown in the attic where the book is, and always hides any magical items when Buddy is near.

Trivia Edit

  • Buddy has a fear of clowns.

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