Chuck Hankins is the main antagonist of season two of Just Add Magic. He is portrayed by Zach Callison.

Appearance Edit

Chuck has greased dark brown hair, that he later combs off to the side. In the 60s, he would wear leather jackets, paired with jeans and white converse shoes. When he returns to the present day, he wears modern clothes such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. He has dark brown eyes and fair skin.

History Edit

Relationships Edit

Gina Silvers Edit

Chuck and Gina met each other shortly after the girls found out about the cookbook. Chuck was the closest to Gina, but unfortunately, the only reason he had anything to do with the girls is to take control of the cookbook. Gina had a crush on Chuck, but it's unknown if Chuck ever knew about this. Gina told a lot about magic to Chuck, and explained the role of ingredients and even showed him parts of the cookbook. Chuck, following his act, pretended to be amused by all this information, however, he already knew all this. After Chuck disappeared due to the Can't Recall Caramel, Gina kept Chuck in her heart and was beyond surprised and happy when he returned decades later.

Becky Quinn Edit

At the Pluot Festival, Becky gave him some of the Can't Recall Caramel, and he disappeared. After all the years, Becky was afraid of him and what he could do.

Rose Peizer Edit

Rose is Chuck's little sister. They are about 5 years apart. Rose and Chuck became the guardians of the cookbook in the 1860s. Together, they would make lots of recipes and had loads of fun together. Chuck cared very deeply for his sister and would do just about anything for her happiness. The same applied to Rose, and she loved her older brother and trusted him. One day, the two siblings were making a magic mulberry pie, and the unthinkable happened. One moment, Rose and Chuck were goofing around and trying some of the pie, and the next, Rose had disappeared. Chuck saw that Rose was trapped in the cookbook, with no way out. The original intention of the pie was to make the two immortal, but what really happened was that Rose paid the price for the magic. After Chuck took a slice of the pie, he became immortal. In a way, Rose became immortal as well, but in a much, much different way than originally intended. After this mishap, Chuck was determined to bring Rose back. He followed the guardians of the cookbook after him and tried to cook up recipes to bring back Rose, but he had no such luck. It wasn't until around 2016, when Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie voluntarily brought Rose back from the book when Chuck tried to get Hannah into the book to bring back Rose. After that, Chuck and Rose went back to their original timeline and lived out their lives.

Trivia Edit

  • Chuck was born in New York

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