Darbie O' Brien is one of the three main characters in Just Add Magic. Her two best friends are Kelly and Hannah.

Appearance Edit

Darbie has red hair that falls a little beyond her shoulders. She has blue eyes and freckles dotted around her face. She usually wears her hair down, but sometimes she will be seen with her hair up, such as during basketball tryouts.

Personality Edit

Darbie is funny and laid-back. She always knows how to cheer someone up and make them laugh. Darbie loves pretty much any kind of food and could get a little carried away when cooking with her friends. As it states in the episode where the three protecters were losing magical recipes into Chuck's book, Darbie is more of a "chocolate," kind of girl, which is why in the photograph in the right, it shows her holding a chocolate scooped ice cream. Which means that Darbie's favorite treat is most likely chocolate.