Genteel Sweet Tea is a recipe seen in the Cookbook as Kelly was flipping through it. It has never been cooked before on the show, it was only seen in the book. Its only two appearances were in Just Add Mom and Just Add Dogs.

Ingredients Edit

  • Boiling water

    The recipe page, as seen in the Cookbook.

  • 1 pinch baking soda
  • 3/4 cup Cedronian Sugar
  • 6 tea bags

Directions Edit

Steep tea bags in boiling water. Mix remaining ingredients. Chill for 10+ min and serve.

Riddle Edit

[Shown on recipe page] (Talk with a Southern accent!)

[Alternate riddle below - not referenced by a specific frame of video]

Steal another's voice,

One from far down/

For others' amusement,

Speak all around.

However, you are taking away,

So, in some way,

You must pay.