Hannah Parker-Kent is one of the three main characters in Just Add Magic. Her two best friends are Kelly and Darbie.

Appearance Edit

Hannah is a little shorter than her friends. She has wavy brown hair and dark brown eyes. She has fair skin and is usually seen wearing casual dresses or tops, denim pants and skirts. Her style is a mixture of classic and girly. She pairs it with Bright Headbands and Necklaces.

Personality Edit

Hannah is a serious and intelligent person. She's very mature and is always organized. She do keeps a strict schedule although she never feels tired. She prefers safety first and ensures that she and her friends are using magic responsibly. At times she will goof off with her friends. An example of this is when she and Darbie make the BFF PBJ in order to trick Trudith Winters.

History Edit

Hannah is from Iran, she is Persian. Hannah met Kelly and Darbie in kindergarten in Mama P's, and have been close friends ever since. A few years later, presumably when Hannah was about 8 years old, she and the girls met Jake.

When Hannah was 12 years old, she, along with Kelly and Darbie, came across a mysterious cookbook in Kelly's attic. The trio decided to cook a few recipes from this book and noticed that these recipes were magical. The girls later learned that they are the protectors of the cookbook. Together, they create many recipes in order to cure Kelly's grandmother, who is under a magic spell.

Relationships Edit

Kelly Quinn

Kelly and Hannah have been very close friends for many years. The two always have sleepovers at each others houses and hang out in town together. Hannah is always there for Kelly, and she always helps guide Kelly in the right way. The two care for each other very deeply, and despite their arguments, have an impenetrable bond.

Darbie O'Brien

Hannah and Darbie were introduced to each other through Kelly back in kindergarten. Although their personalities are almost the complete opposite, the two remain to be very good friends and would do anything for each other. Hannah is always laughing at Darbie's jokes and the two always help each other out in tough situations.

Hailey Parker Kent

Hailey is the older sister of Hannah, and the two have lived with each other for as long as they were alive. Hailey tends to boss Hannah around a lot, and constantly gets annoyed with her. However, despite their frequent arguments, Hailey and Hannah love each other very much and, as Hailey is her older sister, she cares a lot about Hannah's health. Although she rarely shows it, Hailey always wants to make sure her little sister is okay, and that she's never in danger. Hailey even loves to hang out with Hannah, but she rarely doesn't show it. Hailey is a fan of Trudith Winters.

Trivia Edit

  • In the book, Hannah's last name was Hernandez.
  • Hannah loves music. She is shown having Guitar lessons with Piano lessons too.
  • Hannah is not a fan of the Doomed Series of Trudith Winters.