Just Add Brains is the second episode of season one. It premiered January 15th, 2015 on Amazon Video

Synopsis Edit

In order to unravel the mystery of how to save Grandma, the girls make a Brain Boosting Bolognese to help decipher the book's clues. But at school, they learn that there is such a thing as being too smart for your own good. Meanwhile, the mystery of Grandma's past deepens.

Plot Edit

It starts with a video of Becky Quinn and Kelly making cookies. They start eating some chocolate when Kelly asks that they shouldn't be eating them as they supposed to be for the cookies. Becky replies by saying the number one rule of baking is extra chocolate. As the video ends Grandma and Kelly's parents come in. They say the tests came back normal but Kelly is certain that something is wrong.They agree. Kelly shows her the video and asks if she remembers making them. Becky smiles when Kelly tells her it was only four months ago. Kelly promises she is going to figure it out.

At school, Kelly mentions she is tired because she stood up all night looking through The Cookbook. Then she mentions the book never ends. Darbie thought she just thought it never ends but Kelly says it literally never ends. She kept flipping through but more kept appearing. Hannah comes up and complains that she has a test tomorrow. Darbie says she is good in every class and has nothing to worry about. Hannah says it isn't fair. Kelly looks and sees a new student from Barcelona. Then Hannah wishes that she could learn history faster. Darbie wishes that she could teleport. Kelly wishes she could read minds.

Then Darbie thinks of the cookbook. Hannah doesn't think that they should use the cookbook. However, Kelly and Darbie don't. They spot Brain Boosting Bolognese. Which means another trip to Mama P's.

At the shop, they drop the book. Mama P says she doesn't know anything about and that it looks nice. In the book, it says "How long will this spell last? Stretch it out or end it fast. Too much will leave you in a stew."

Later, Kelly turns a mirror over and says they write down clues though they don't have any. Unknown to them Buddy is eating leftovers of the sauce. The next morning they are a lot smarter: Hannah knows exactly how the American Revolution, Darbie is fluent, and Kelly is an expert on the cookbook. Where Mama P is she is at Cream of the Crema, a coffee shop in town.

 Starring Edit

Recurring Cast Edit

Guest Starring Edit

  • Allega Acosta as Carmela
  • Joey Honza as Ms. McDonald

Recipes Cooked Edit

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