Just Add Mama P is the seventh episode of season one. It premiered January 15th, 2015 on Amazon Video.

Synopsis Edit

After the Girls learn more of the book's secret history from an unexpected ally, they cook Mind Peering Peppermints to learn who cursed Grandma. The magic leads to surprises at home, and they come away with more questions than answers.

Plot Edit

(Coming Soon!)

Starring Edit

  • Olivia Sanabia as Kelly Quinn
  • Aubrey Miller as Hannah Parker Kent
  • Abby Donnelly as Darbie O'Brien
  • Judah Bellamy as Jake
  • Amy Hill as Mama P
  • Dee Wallace as Becky Quinn
  • Catia Ojeda as Terri Quinn
  • Andrew Burlinson as Scott Quinn

Guest Starring Edit

  • Ellen Karsten as Gina Silvers
  • Todd Robert Anderson as Patrick O'Brien
  • Mira Furlan as The Traveler

Co-Starring Edit

  • Samantha Bailey as Young Becky Quinn
  • Tiana Le as Young Ida Perez
  • Harper Quaintance as Young Gina Silvers
  • Joey Honsa as Ms. McDonald

Recipes Cooked Edit

  • White Merwaldian Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Mind-Peering Peppermints