The Quinn Residence is the home of Kelly and her family. This is where Kelly, Darbie and Hannah create their recipes.

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The outside of the Quinn Residence is painted a steel blue with white trims. There is a brick path and a set of steps leading to the front door, which is also painted white. At the other end of the brick path are two brick columns each with a lantern on them. The path is surrounded by bushes and small trees. On the porch there are multiple potted plants. The roof is a dark gray and to the right of the house is a brick chimney. The house has two floors, plus an attic at the very top.

Interior Edit

There is a kitchen next to the front door, a living room in front, and stairs to the side of the living room. They actually used a different house set in the pilot, as in the pilot the kitchen had a wall separating it from the living room, stairs in a narrow hallway, and a metal fridge. In later episodes, there is a white, older looking fridge. Also, the kitchen has one open wall. Buddy's room and the parents' rooms are never shown, but Kelly's room is very large, with a desk and the mirror next to the door, a large sitting area with a window seat and 3 beanbags, and to the left of the door is Kelly's bed. She also has a shower in her room with a purple shower curtain. Her room is painted purple with a couple of black and white decals, and the bed is multicolored and floral. The walls of the living room are painted brown, and there is a white bookshelf with plenty of books in it. The curtains to the window are gray and there is a globe on the windowsill. There are a few plants and small tables, and the couches are brown and cream. There is a large, beige, rectangular ottoman in the place of a table. There is a dark brown wooden rocking chair. The cream couch has an orange pillow and yellowish throw blanket. The brown couches have blue and beige pillows on them.There is a beige, orange, and blue persian carpet on the bottom. In the pilot, the living room has one beige couch and is painted beige. There are cornflower blue and orange pillows, and a coffee table instead of an ottoman. There is a map of the world on the wall, a lamp, and a gray throw blanket on the couch. There is a low shelf behind the couch with a few picture frames and white flowers. Next to the couch is another table with yellow flowers. The coffee table has a lamp and a few books, and there is a frame on the wall. The dining room has old fashioned wooden chairs and a few paintings on the wall, and is painted a robin's egg blue.

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  • The house most likely has four bedrooms and one confirmed bathroom.