Saffron Falls is the hometown of Kelly and the girls. This is where the cookbook was first found by Becky and her friends. The annual Pluot Festival is held here, complete with a carnival, tons of food and a play performed by the local children.

Places of note Edit

  • Mama P's
  • Rockbury Middle School
    Leaving Saffron Falls
  • Cedros Forest
  • Saphrön
  • Le Grande Falls
  • Corky's Diner
  • City Hall
  • Dan's Donut Shop
  • Rose Peizer Park
  • Fox Canyon Magnet

Trivia Edit

  • Saffron Falls was founded in 1845.
  • Kelly and others often mention Saffron Falls as a town, however, Terri uses the words 'city' and 'town' interchangeably in her speech.
  • Rose Peizer Park was originally West Peizer Park,because of the alternate timelines/changes to time, it is somehow this one.

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