Scott Quinn is Kelly and Buddy's father and Terri Quinn's wife. He is also the son of Becky Quinn. He is a recurring character on Just Add Magic who appears in most episodes, however is still absent in some. He is portrayed by Andrew Burlinson.

Appearance Edit

Scott is of average height. He has dark brown hair which he brushes off to one side. He has gray stubble on his chin and round, light brown eyes. Scott's skin is slightly pale, but with a peach colored tone. Usually he is seen wearing sweaters and plaid button-ups.

Personality Edit

Scott is a very hard-working and loving parent. He loves spending time with his family and he deeply cares for his mother, especially after she got sick (but in reality was cursed). Sometimes, however, he is a little strict towards his kids. For example, when Darbie accidentally made a mess in the kitchen, but it cured Kelly's grandmother for a short time, Scott cleaned up the mess and scolded Kelly for leaving it in the kitchen, not knowing that it would've cured his mother. Despite this, he is still an open-minded father and even let Kelly go to the Pluot Festival when she was grounded.

History Edit

Scott grew up with a single mom, and the whereabouts of his father are unknown. Scott stated that it was hard living just with his mom, but he managed to deal with it.

When Scott was around 19, he started dating Terri. The two of them would play video games everyday, watch movies and live a carefree life. Sometimes they would solve crossword puzzles in newspapers, just like how they do today. Later, the two got married and had Kelly and Buddy.

When Scott's mother appeared to be ill, as she would hardly speak or show any expression, Scott stayed by her side. He took her to many specialists to try and get her cured, but nothing worked. He remained optimistic however, and still looked for more help. When Becky was finally cured, thanks to Kelly's Last Ditch Layer Cake, Scott was beyond overjoyed. He still remained cautious and searched his mother's illness, as the last thing he wanted was for his mother to fall ill again.

Relationships Edit