Season 3 has not been confirmed by Amazon, however, the show's Twitter account, as well as various staff member's social media discusses the making of the third season. According to Olivia Sanabia, Kelly's actress, the season is currently being filmed. Amazon has yet to hold a press conference, nor has any information on air date or future seasons has been confirmed, however, based on the airings of previous seasons, the premiere date of Season 3 will likely be in mid-January 2018.


Recurring Cast

List of Episodes



No. in


Title Airdate
27 1 Just Add Fluffy
28 2 Just Add RJ
29 3 Just Add Tricks
30 4 Just Add Time
31 5 Just Add Contagion
32 6 Just Add Beginnings
33 7 Just Add Silvers
34 8 Just Add Caroline

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