The Cookbook is a mysterious book Kelly, Hannah, and Derbie discovered in Kelly's attic one day. The book is filled with magical recipes that can do nearly anything, from healing an injury to boosting your intelligence.

History Edit

The book was most likely created some point during the Medieval Times. It's unknown who exactly created the book, but clues point to the Traveler being the creator of it, as she is most likely immortal. At first, the book only had two keepers, but after the incident with Chuck, it was changed to three. And It blames the Traveler.

The RecipesEdit

Chipper Chocolate Cookies

Lazy Lasagna

Shut 'em Up Shortcake

Memory-Enhancing Macaroons

Nighty Night Noodles

Hazelnut Healing Tart

Jumping Jack Flapjacks

Slow Caramel Turtles

Brain-Boosting Bolognese

Itchy Ice Cream

Genteel Sweet Tea

Lost and Found-ue

Bitter Truth Truffles

Cheddar Biscuits

Noteworthy Horchata

Mango Bars

Enchanting Apple Pie

Funny Bone Baked Beans

Forget Me Garlic Knots

Mind-Peering Peppermints


Twice-Baked Spicy Do'Over Sole

Pho-tographic Memory Soup

Off-the-trail Mix

Curse-Breaking Candied Stone Fruit

Root Beer Float Away

Disappearing Dim Sum

Walk-In-My-Shoes Schnitzel

Protein Protection Shake

Last-Ditch Layer Cake

Miso-Person's Soup

Pick-a-date Dates

Can't Recall Caramel

Settle the Beef Sandwich

Trust Me Tabouli

Take Back Tamarind Juice

If These Walls Could Taco

Lemon Lie-m Mints

Chill Out Chalupas

Make-It-Visible Vinegar Pie

Find Your Key Lime Pie

STAIN-gus Burgers

Magnetic Pull-ed Pork Sandwiches

Stop the Leek Soup

Big Mussels and Spinach

Open Sesame Chicken Kabobs

Lay Waste Lunar Lollipops

Seed Sprinting Stromboli

Stay Up-side Down Cake

Never Feeling Funnel Cakes

Portrait Painting Pinwheels

Wide Awake Beef Wellington

Move Me Melon Balls

Transporting Tartar

Go Away Gumbo

Good Luck Brownies

Spill the Beans

Kick-Em-Out Chicken Soup

Spice Detector Simple Syrup

Curl Your Hair Curly Fries

Pretty Popular Pancakes

Get out of a (Dill) Pickle

Memory Mallows

See Also Edit

List of Ingredients

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