The Cookbook is a magical book filled with an infinite number of recipes that can do almost anything. The Cookbook has existed for thousands of years and its intention is simply to be a gift, but it must be used responsibly.

The Traveler told that that the Book could bring them together, or tear them apart.

The book contains many recipes that can have multiple uses. The recipes are how the powers of the magic spices are harnessed. These magical recipes can do something as little as healing a hurt ankle, to something as serious as freezing time itself! This book is extremely powerful, which is why it requires a strong and responsible protector. The book can do great harm in the wrong hands. It can tear you apart or bring you closer together.

The book is a very powerful force. If you let it, it can break friendships or ruin lives.

Appearance Edit

The book has a dark brown leather cover, and on the front of the book, there is the cookbook's symbol in gold. The emblem consists of three ornate pieces of silverware, a fork, knife, and spoon overlapping each other. Inside of the book are thousands upon thousands of pages filled with magical recipes, all of which are frayed and torn on the edges due to the age of the book.

History Edit

The book was likely to be created some point before the 1500's. It's not known who created it, but clues point to the Traveler, as she is most likely immortal. At first, the book only had two protectors, but after what happened with Chuck, it switched to three, to protect it's future owners from this happening again. And with the show the girls will run into other collectors of the cookbook who came before them.


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  • Nighty Night Noodles
  • Noteworthy horchata

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  • Open Sesame Chicken Kebabs
  • Off the Trail-Mix

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  • Talking Twinkies

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