The Traveler is a recurring character on Just Add Magic. Her first appearance was in Just Add Mama P. She is the guardian of the Cookbook.

Appearance Edit

The Traveler has shoulder length, wavy brown hair. Her hair is usually seen slightly messy, but somewhat well-kept. Her eyes are a soft blue and her skin is a fair peach color. She is usually seen wearing a yellow canvas jacket over a dark blue button-up shirt and light khaki pants. She also wears a pair of light brown utility boots on her feet.

Personality Edit

The Traveler is mean and scary. She is mysterious and appears mysteriously out of nowhere and somehow saw Kelley when she traveled back in time to see what caused those caramel apples to make chuck dissappear.

History Edit

The Traveler is the sole guardian of the Cookbook. Her origins are unknown, but she's been around since Chuck's time in the 1800s, and probably even longer, possibly dating back to the Medieval Era, when the book was first created. The Traveler was likely the person who gifted Chuck and his sister, Rose the Cookbook to be the protectors of it. However, when Chuck used the magical for bad deeds, his access to the book was revoked. It's unknown if The Traveler gave someone else the book before giving it to Becky, after Chuck's wrongdoings.

50 years prior to the start of Just Add Magic, The Traveler lived in the Cedros Forest. There, she found Becky, Gina and Ida who had gotten separated from the rest of their class on a field trip. She gifted the girls the Cookbook, and told them to use it wisely. She also gave them each a morbium shadow seed, that when fully grown, is used to amplify any recipe's effects a thousand times over. After the encounter, the girls most likely went back and consulted The Traveler if they ever had a question about magic. The Traveler even gave Becky a specific recipe only to be used by her if she ever needed The Traveler's guidance.


Becky pleading The Traveler to take the book back, in order to protect it from Kelly.

Kelly, Darbie and Hannah met The Traveler soon after they had discovered the Cookbook in Kelly's attic. The Traveler was very kind to them and answered any questions they had. The girls and The Traveler stayed in touch after this, and contacted each other if anything was needed

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